Outdoor Environment

Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten Playground
We believe that to focus on the whole child, we must be cognizant of the children's outdoor play environment as well as their classroom environment.  Gateway's approach is to provide a natural playground with plenty of space for children to experience natural play.  

Our playground takes int0 account the  specific needs of 3-6 year old children, and has plenty of space and activity for children to engage in gross- and fine-motor play.  Mature trees planted by former Gateway parents provide respite from the harsh sun on hot days allowing children to "swing to the sky" to touch the tree's high branches.  During spring and fall, when weather permits, children are able to access the outdoor area immediately adjacent to the classrooms to plant seeds and tend flowers and vegetables. In nice weather we also move some of the classroom activities to the patio to take advantage of the fresh air.

Gateway hosts a back-to-school picnic in fall and an end-of year spring picnic for children and their families on the cool, grassy, shady area adjacent to the north side of the building.

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