Longmont Montessori Toddler Student
“What sets Gateway apart from traditional preschools is the Montessori approach, where small children are allowed to develop individually through purposeful activities and materials.  
What sets Gateway apart from other Montessori preschools are the affordable tuition and the 
traditional playground with low swings and monkey bars.Longmont Montessori Preschool Teacher  But what really sets Gateway apart are its exemplary and dedicated staff.  They inspire self motivation within a child.  They transform the classroom to such a nurturing environment for the children to explore the world through tangible experiences, to grow in their own pace, to develop to their fullest potential.”
-- Nikita - Gateway Parent,  Longmont, CO

"Our kindergarten experience has been absolutely MAGICAL.  My children always come home telling me about all the amazing things they have learned from Van Gogh to Matisse and arctic animals to rocks and minerals, and the list goes on.  They are excited about learning! Longmont Montessori Kindergarten Students In contrast my 1st grader (a former Gateway student now attending a local neighborhood school) comes home to tell me who got in trouble and what kind of reward he got for being quiet.  Honestly he hardly EVER tells me about something exciting that he learned about the world."
-- Holly - Gateway Parent,  Longmont, CO

Longmont Montessori Kindergarten Girl Student
"I like Gateway better than this school because this school only has toys and Gateway has real work there."
-- A Gateway Student responds while visiting a traditional preschool.